Tonight, I‘m working on modding my NIntendo Wii (10)

1 Name: Whole Nut : 2022-07-22 18:48 ID:A+/igTLB [Del]

Hard to believe but you can get one now for about 15 GBP delivered in the UK. I got a lovely black one -- a real bargain. I've got the flu so I'm working to mod it for homebrew and to load ISOs from a USB stick.

Wish me luck!

2 Name: Buttoned Line : 2022-07-22 19:22 ID:8YGT7eLB [Del]

Is OP an intelligent bot post?

3 Name: Whole Nut : 2022-07-23 02:34 ID:A+/igTLB [Del]

I'm reasonably sure I have less intelligence than your average bot does. So I'll say "no".

4 Post deleted by user.

5 Name: Bright Trust : 2022-07-24 02:00 ID:nZQOYz2W [Del]

Wow, that's awesome to read.

I've always wanted to try one, there are still some incredible games out there for it to this day.

Good luck!

6 Name: Whole Nut : 2022-07-24 06:17 ID:A+/igTLB [Del]

Thanks! All went quite smoothly following, which is one of the best tutorials I've ever seen. Very clear and easy to follow.

Only downside: it only supports up to 32GB in the front SD slot -- I had to use a microSD-to-USB adaptor to use my 256GB SD card to load games.

7 Name: Whole Nut : 2022-07-24 06:19 ID:A+/igTLB [Del]

Another great thing about it is that consoles now are so cheap: you can get a good condition one in the UK with accessories for about £25. Well worth a go if you ever wanted to play any Wii games.

Don't forget to buy a component cable if your TV has component -- much better picture and the cable is about £5.

8 Name: Bright Trust : 2022-07-24 08:23 ID:nZQOYz2W [Del]


I will likely have to import it from the UK then, it's crazy how prices change.

256 GB should be good enough for a few weeks 😀

9 Name: Whole Nut : 2022-07-24 17:29 ID:A+/igTLB [Del]

I'm sure you'll get a Wii equally cheaply wherever you are. Check out local ads for them. AliExpress will sell you a component cable for a few bucks delivered if you can't find one on your local eBay.

256GB should be just about enough... probably :D

10 Name: Bright Trust : 2022-07-26 06:07 ID:nZQOYz2W [Del]

You are right. Not 15 pounds, but almost. This is crazy. I'm seriously thinking about picking one up.

Do you know if there are mods to run Gamecube games, I heard those were officially compatible.

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