Kiramoji Update (16)

1 Name: Buried Wavinesses : 2021-03-23 15:47 ID:m091IvXx [Del]

Hey people,

We have been working on a small bugfix update. Nothing major, but hopefully tiny things that will make it a bit more pleasant to use the board behind the scenes, mainly:

  • As suggested, anonymous is boring when you don't specify a nick/name. So now, we make up one for you. (hint for users, the names are similar, but not quite the same.) If anyone's familiar with Dwarf Fortress, you may recognize these.
  • Internally renamed the project from Kareha to Kiramoji (Yep, took us about 3 years, but we've done it!). The footer link now also points to the Git source, feel free to fork and contribute. This is v3.2, in case anyone cares.
  • Fixes for the dice roller (haven't you invited your DND friends yet?)
  • Pagination now uses a 1-based system (it does not make any sense to go from page 0, right?)
  • Anything else forgotten... but then again, it was probably not that important if I did.

Cheers and keep the messages coming!

Your friendly Kiramoji administrators (currently being hungry).

2 Name: The Canine : 2021-03-23 17:49 ID:Y6gbBIgQ [Del]

Great update and finding out we have things like "dice roller" and DnD possibilities makes me wonder if some other community experiments would work here. One of my favorites is the pixelart game, where users can make art together or draw over other peoples stuff if they choose to do so (at some point they have to, because the canvas size is limited).
The original version of it is at: and you can find me and some of my friends there pretty often, doing all kinds of fun raids, so I would be curious to see if something like that would work here. Especially when the original project is open-source, so we wouldn't have to start from scratch when making our own version.
Hopefully the users here like this idea and would be interested in participating in it, if it ever became a thing here. All opinions on this are welcomed in this thread (unless staff says otherwise). :)

3 Name: Naming Nest : 2021-03-24 13:21 ID:ZrAF7xnC [Del]

That's a great idea. I'm thinking we could have something like one drawing board per thread. Not sure if anyone is interested, but the potential is definitely there.

4 Name: The Canine : 2021-03-24 14:01 ID:N0ivr+2r [Del]

Glad you share my enthusiasm, although I don't think we need that many of them as most threads here are no longer active. The best option in my opinion would be to have one art thread, connected to the drawing place where people could come together and plan the drawing.
If you're concerned about the drawing space and limitations, I think it would be better to figure out how to make theis one canvas bigger and offer more colors to choose from, rather than dividing it into smaller canvased connected to specific threads.

The main question still is if the staff would be willing to dedicate even more of their time to trying out my silly ideas, that might not even work in the end.

5 Name: Naming Nest : 2021-03-26 11:41 ID:ZrAF7xnC [Del]

Makes sense. In that case, I think it should suffice to start a thread here, say the first poster could link to, so no modifications would be required. Unless you meant it in a different way, which is also entirely possible ☺️

6 Name: The Canine : 2021-03-26 15:22 ID:n2GkPngD [Del]

Yes, that is the simplest solution, but that is the main instance of the game, so it already has some creations from elsewhere on there and is not something linked to this board. But there probably isn't enough people here interested, to fill an entirely new canvas anyway. 🤔

7 Name: Speaking Glen : 2021-03-29 23:59 ID:Pw3h9pab [Del]

You should add a flood detected feature, like Wakaba has.

8 Name: Naming Nests : 2021-03-30 02:41 ID:ZrAF7xnC [Del]

That's a great idea!

Unfortunately, I am not finding a lot of info on how flood detection is supposed to work. Would it do more than, say, rate limiting via a web server?

My current stance on this is that I'd rather outsource this to a web server, since current implementations, for example in Nginx, Caddy or Apache are quite reliable and they are a lot more customizable than what we could implement. But as always, I can be convinced ☺️

9 Name: Clashed Slop : 2021-03-31 20:43 ID:2bVhCVEj [Del]

No, it should be done by the software and web server independent. Almost all imageboard and textboard software have this feature. It's just based on IP addresses and how long since the IP's last post.

10 Name: Twinkling Dents : 2022-07-31 16:40 ID:XhJbZrGQ [Del]

Ah, I see what you mean. Something like requiring a poster to wait a minute before posting again.

IP addresses are something we'd like to rely on less than other similar boards, for privacy reasons, so this feature might not be ideal. It's certainly doable of course.

11 Name: Twinkling Dent : 2022-07-31 16:47 ID:XhJbZrGQ [Del]

A few more things as you might have figured based on the changed version number. Special thanks to for "flooding" us with reports 😻:

  • Fixed malformed URLs in the RSS feed
  • Speaking of feeds, we now support Atom the same way we support RSS
  • Unicode characters are now displayed properly when previewing a post
  • Keyboard focus and ARIA improvements for screen reader and keyboard users
  • An example Caddyfile for Caddy v2
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements (like forgetting to increase the version number before publishing a new release). Fun times!

As always, the exact code that powers this site can be obtained from


12 Name: Corrupting Lucidity : 2022-08-02 21:31 ID:SQtIcNaM [Del]

Nice idea to add a preview option to use before posting. This is very useful when we're trying to use special markup stuff that we don't know if will work or not, or when we're writting a long post that may end up full of typos and bad formatting.

I've always wished that other engines like Vichan had stuff like this.

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