rolling a joint or a blunt (4)

1 Name: weedforever : 2017-07-31 00:20 ID:1qxwb5o3 [Del]

well I figure this is the right place to ask and I don't think that this will be considdered illegal since smoking weed is allowed in many parts of the world now. So for all pot smokers out there... How do you roll your joints? I've tried several times but I can't really get the hang of it. Usually I roll blunts that is a mixture of tobacko and weed because the blunt lasts longer and it's better but it allways gets messy, I end up with the filter in the wrong place or the mixture starts to get out of the rolling paper when I try to stick the paper together and do the final rolling. I usually ask my budies to roll them because they are better at it but I would really like to know if there are any tips that would help me improve this skill.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-31 00:29 ID:XNuX4YW3 [Del]

There are several ways you can roll a blunt or joint without needing to be able to be skilled in rolling. Either you can use a rolling machine, you can get one on amazon for about 10 bucks if not less. Put the tip at the one side, fill the rest with your mixture, close the two rolls and roll it to straighten it out. Put the paper between the two rolls and start to slowly roll so the paper gets pulled in, lick it when you get towards the end, then continue for a while, open and there you go. The other way is to buy prerolled coans. These are basically joint cases without any of the stuff inside. You can simply grind your weed, mix it all up, and push it in carefully. Make sure not to fold the paper at the opening, it will create a jam. Practice makes perfect. Honestly though, just get a bong or a vape. Bong if you want to smoke, vape if you want to stay healthy. And for the most intense weed high of your life, bake some edibles. Happy tolking, hope it helped! cheers 420

3 Name: weedforever : 2017-07-31 01:35 ID:1qxwb5o3 [Del]

I've tried the prerolled coans but I hate them because of their filter, it tends to absorb allmost all the good stuff so the high is only mild. I would like to try a rolling machine but I don't know if they'll fit my style of smoking, I usually put like half a gram to a gram of weed followed by about half a gram of tobacko, this obviously results in a fat cigar and I don't know if the hand held machine can handle that amount. as for filters, I like to make myself one, I buy them for about half a buck, it's like a very small book with thick papers exactly the required size, I just roll them untill they are round with a small hole in the middle. I noticed that this gives the most pleasant high because all the good stuff gets right where it has to.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-31 02:25 ID:XNuX4YW3 [Del]

You should be fine with one of those machines, they can hold quite a lot and should be enough. Not hard to use at all.

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