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4 Name: meditator : 2017-09-17 01:20 ID:v+vbGeF6 [Del]

As I read your posts the first thing that came to my mind is that you care too much. You care too much about what others think and feel about you, you care too much about how they react and how they will react in a given situation and you start making scenarios in your head that are darker and darker with each possibility ruled out. You care too much about the consequences of every of your actions and you're so affraid that you are going to mess up that you end up doing nothing just not to mess up things infront of your friends. The best advise I can give you is to try to change your way of thinking first. You can't change the way you act and the way you socialize if you don't change the way you think. Meditation will help you greatly in this process. It wont be interfering with your religious beliefs since meditation is completely different from belief. Meditation can help you consolidate your belief in god but believing it's not a requirement. Meditation is all about analising your inner self, your thinking pattern and your feelings. Sure you can say that you are already doing that without meditating but it's not true. When you meditate you tend to have a calm, much like third person perspective, you have to analize your thinking and feeling pattern without them interfering with the way you do it. When you meditate you have to concentrate on something else at first because your mind needs to be calm in order to inspect how it works, it's like you look through a glass window at your rises and falls. Try to have an open mind for everything and stop judging others. Try to realise that everyone has his own problems and his own way of dealing with them and just let life flow. Realise that you are just a grain of sand on the huge beach of our universe and that society is just a man made product full of flaws. You have to realise that we are so hard wired to think in a given way that we are just robots with a whisp of conscience. Well I've rambled enough on the subject, I hope my insight will be helpfull one day.

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