Man fuck customs (12)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-31 05:31 ID:Xf9FAD2y [Del]

Seriously why do the fuckers want money for me buying something outside of my country? The fuck is it their business? Fuck! I already pay shipping. Fuck you! Just to check if there's explosives or drugs in it? And I! Am! Fucking! Paying! For! That? Get the fuck out! Out!

2 Name: Fidget : 2017-07-31 05:40 ID:O8UZSp2M [Del]

"We are going to help you, this is for your own good, but only if you pay us."

I feel your pain.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-31 05:51 ID:Xf9FAD2y [Del]

Of course I couldn't pay because backwards ass country and you can't pay by card. And now I have to pay for redelivery, too. I think it goes without saying that I'm quite royally pissed

4 Name: Fidget : 2017-07-31 05:57 ID:O8UZSp2M [Del]

This is when you invite the delivery guy, or girl, if you are lucky, for a drink, or two, or three, then take all their money. I am sure you will give it back, over time. You know, just for legality's sake.

Seriously though, once I had a girl delivering stuff, I was so happy, I wanted to invite her for a coffee and she ended up staying. They are very rare.

Hope this lightens your mood, even if it's just a tiny bit!

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