Sometimes (8)

8 Name: BlindGuardian : 2019-01-30 18:40 ID:Kb72BuCJ [Del]

I am a phoenix.

Rain and thunder,
Blue sky, slight rumble,
Yet, I live,
I believe,
That one day mankind,
Will be one huge vast mind,
And we will fly,
We will not die,
From tree to tree,
We shall be free,
From river to sea,
We shall be free,
When the gentle wind blows,
When the unicorn glows,
When elf, dragon, dwarf,
Together, one heart,
We shall be free,
We shall be free,
When great minotaur,
Orc and centaur,
Join Man to be free,
We can be free,
Oh may great gods hear me,
My voice unite, hear me!
We want to be free,
We shall be free!
Remember oh stranger,
Love, happiness in you, remember!
We dare to be free,
We will be all free,
In you.

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