13 reasons why (3)

1 Name: Brendan : 2017-09-19 12:58 ID:q8Dzi8xF [Del]

I have been hearing about this series for a while now but I am not sure if it is worth watching. So opinions are welcome.

2 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-09-20 12:18 ID:GyINYoxH [Del]

Seems like a nice show. Based on the plot on IMDB, I recommend it, if it helps! I hope they took a philosophical approach, rather than young adult drama.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2017-09-22 07:44 ID:PxALi5oD [Del]

I wouldn't call it philosophical, if the 3 episodes I watched are any indication. I do plan to keep watching it though, it is not bad and the actors seem decent.

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Guide Dog? (1)

1 Name: Purple : 2017-09-20 12:27 ID:DDCRWH2Q [Del]

So, I'm on the fence here. I'm considering getting a guide dog, and I would like some more perspective. If any guide dog users can share their yeses, their nos, their stories, I would be most appreciative. :)

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my radio station (1)

1 Name: anonimous : 2017-09-14 16:08 ID:xrqHBqje [Del]

Hey all, I've just created my own nonstop radio stations. I'm curious what you all think about it. Check it out at www.lizarderadio.com

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Describe your fetishes in detail (22)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-30 18:38 ID:KxAqbwIT [Del]

Remember, this is completely anonymous. Don't be ashamed. This might help you realize you are not the only one. Don't bother worrying about weirding anyone out!

13 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-07-31 15:50 ID:5Gl+tHJx [Del]

Should we meow first?

14 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-31 15:53 ID:Cq1Oy38K [Del]

No not at all, I am just waiting, to see if anything comes of this thread, I am a bit shy about mine, so yeah.

15 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-07-31 16:16 ID:5Gl+tHJx [Del]

I understand. People do need time to open up, even if it's an anonymous forum.

16 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-31 17:03 ID:Cq1Oy38K [Del]

Hear hear to that comment, thumbs-up

17 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-11 16:59 ID:a6CadAj9 [Del]

I have a fetish for whales. It's very interesting shit. Those tails mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

18 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-11 17:00 ID:a6CadAj9 [Del]


19 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-13 17:51 ID:PAMYjhe3 [Del]

Does attraction for big boobs (actual weigh doesn't matter) count?

20 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-15 07:39 ID:T9BiJpCe [Del]

sure, why not? As long as it is a fetish to someone, I guess it does

21 Post deleted by moderator.

22 Name: anonimous : 2017-09-14 16:07 ID:53Sxfn1P [Del]

Ok, this is very wierd, but i have this for scooters and motorbikes.

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Is the source code available somewhere? (5)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-30 10:54 ID:tSap9IWD [Del]

It would be fun to get it, host my own thingy and make it available as a hidden service to see what happens. What about you doing this? oh it would be fun.

2 Name: FB : 2017-07-30 11:07 ID:PTCrSU4d [Del]

I thought about it, it would be an interesting experiment for sure.

The one we are using is a tiny bit modified by me, and it is based on a bit newer version than the official 3.1.4 which is available if you click on the link at the bottom.

The modernised version, minus the bug fixes and honey pot for spammers is available at https://github.com/hotaru2k3/kareha

3 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-08-01 11:17 ID:z4YE6v8B [Del]

You might have noticed that there are some more modifications to this board, so I am releasing the code for your public consumption. Enjoy!


4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-11 16:57 ID:oCxg+p+I [Del]


5 Post deleted by moderator.

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Where does the name Kiramoji come from? (5)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-09-05 17:27 ID:4Gyxww7u [Del]

I thought it came from Death Note, bu then I realised that Mogi is with a G.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2017-09-05 17:35 ID:4Gyxww7u [Del]

OK, some clarification for my previous message: Death Note is a Japanese series, and Kira and Mogi (with a G) are two characters of it.

3 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-09-06 04:25 ID:4tni1Tx6 [Del]

Kiramoji is a combination of two words. Kira, meaning shiny, and moji, meaning a moving, fidgeting thing.

Deathnote, by the way, is a great anime, I recommend it to anyone looking for something with a solid and meaningful plot.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-09-06 07:22 ID:4Gyxww7u [Del]

Just the anime, not the Netflix movie.

5 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-09-07 07:51 ID:4tni1Tx6 [Del]

I've never had the experience of seeing it on Netflix, but I heard it's nothing compared to the anime.

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Ding! The new anonymous, real-time chat service is here! (7)

1 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-08-21 22:09 ID:uR0KVQZ0 [Del]

Hi all,

As promised, we are here to introduce our latest addition to KiraMoji, Ding!

This is a real-time, anonymous chat service, where you can talk freely about whatever topic you choose, with the other present people in the room, from the comfort of your browser. No registration is required!

Here are some reasons why Ding is good for you:

  • You can set up a room within seconds
  • Choose any name you wish.
  • No registration is required
  • Runs in many browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, across multiple operating systems.
  • Nobody can join you, unless they know the room name (aka. the topic).
  • Just like KiraMoji, it's free, but you can donate to show your appreciation.
Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

2 Name: River!!8ywuR6tO : 2017-08-22 18:29 ID:oz4TGxe1 [Del]

Here's a suggestion: make the damned thing work on IOS! No, but seriously, Ding is great and the sounds are pretty! Go look at it! Right now! But also, seriously, it doesn't work on IOS. Just saying

3 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-08-22 19:27 ID:uR0KVQZ0 [Del]

It is really interesting that a lot of you would use this on iOS, on the go. For some reason, the AngularJS template is not designed with the latest iOS in mind, thus the keyboard will not pop up, and the page won't scroll.

I have also received requests about a completely encrypted and secure version. We are looking into other solutions and we cannot say much at the moment, but a few things are sure already:

  1. The current chat in this form will be gone.
  2. It will work on iOS.
  3. We will most likely have two versions: A secure and a less secure version. One for meeting people and hanging out in general, and the other where you will need a room name and a key, and all messages will be encrypted.
  4. Many of you seem to like the sounds. I'm looking into having multiple sound themes, this one should stay, if we can help it.

We're also looking into randomly generating names, instead of allowing users to enter one, for a more seamless experience.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-24 03:59 ID:7hi/xhgD [Del]

>>3 It is really interesting how Murphi's law applies everywhere.
Also, what do you mean by "The current chat in this form will be gone"?

5 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-08-24 04:44 ID:uR0KVQZ0 [Del]


In order to provide a better experience, we're going to switch to a better alternative, which means that this version will be no longer used.

Names will be generated for you, channels can be created by just visiting a URL, and iOS support is much better, including auto-reading messages and sounds.

In addition, we're going to have a secure version, where parties will have to use the same key and room name to chat, and their session will be encrypted.

Implementing non-existing features will take some time, so the switch should happen in the upcoming days and it should be seamless for everyone. This new version should be a lot closer to what we originally wanted with Ding.

6 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-08-25 09:26 ID:uR0KVQZ0 [Del]

Here it is, the new Ding, internally dubbed as Ding 2.

I believe this is a much better experience for everyone. Feel free to see what's new on the Github page https://github.com/Flameborn/ding.ga

Off to get some coffee and rest (I can easily say that this thing was born as the result of 3 days of non-stop coding).


7 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-08-28 15:16 ID:NilsbC1D [Del]

Hi folks,
We have some new amazing features for you to try, yes, I've been busy.
Besides fixing lots of bugs, some of which were pretty serious, we have added some useful things, such as:

  • Type /nick on its own to have a random name again, without having to reconnect.
  • The media bot now automagically includes an html5 player for supported filetypes. This is quite generic, it is up to your browser to play them, if they can.
  • A magical 8-ball, type __/8 question_ to use it.
  • Virtual coins to toss, in case you are in front of a big decision. Type /coin to toss.
  • You can use the English WordNet dictionary to look up words. Type /dic word to do so.
  • You can roll dice with /dice NumberOfDice(d)NumberOfSides[+/-Modifier[a/d]], where the bracketed part is optional. The modifier adds or subtracts from the total value, while a or d sorts the rolled dice in ascending or in descending order respectively. /dice is an alias for /dice 1d6. For example: /dice 2d6+100d will roll 2 six-sided die and sort the result in descending order, then add 100 to the total sum. DND players rejoice!


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LangoRhythm (2)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-18 22:03 ID:s+xeTCA9 [Del]

Hi everyone. just thought I'd share an interesting website I stumbled across. Just enter random text into the edit field, and the website will generate a little song based off of the text you entered. I thought it would be cool if people played around and posted which text generated the coolest songs. Link below:

2 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-08-19 05:40 ID:7/U9jOQt [Del]

Wow, thanks for this! Out of curiosity, I went to paste the entire Kareha ReadMe and it generated a quite interesting, though repetitive, melody with some chords thrown in.

I really like the talk about how to get inspiration and think outside the box as well.

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There are ghosts haunting my soul (12)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-31 02:30 ID:7BFxBpLf [Del]

What do I do?

3 Name: River!!S5RPiYbB : 2017-07-31 19:35 ID:1vGXRDyF [Del]

Exorcise them!

4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-03 19:24 ID:R2PQMXmc [Del]

They have taken over... I can't go back... Only way is to embrace them and see where they lead me... Where evilness will take us...

5 Name: gurry : 2017-08-06 05:43 ID:MFRD3KLm [Del]

put down the chemicals that alter your mind and go outside. get some stuff and build a castle to lock the ghosts in...or, continue smoking/popping/injecting and fuel the evil!

6 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-06 17:57 ID:ob28Iugw [Del]

Lol. I love castles. Lots of rooms, with doors, windows, and the attic and the basement is great. Especially if you consider that it has a tower or two.

So you could go and hide from those ghosts in there.

7 Name: AR15 : 2017-08-09 01:45 ID:adGBPdak [Del]

I have 30 things to say to ghosts. Each of those things are about 5.56 MM wide... oh wait you can't shoot ghosts, never mind.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-09 06:02 ID:OwScENdP [Del]

You know hot there are stakes for vampires and silver bullets for werewolves? MAybe there is something similar for ghosts.

Maybe they hate the coffee I am drinking right now.

9 Name: Anon5250Anon5250 : 2017-08-11 14:22 ID:OTQOdY3x [Del]

Turn to Jesus: he can free you from anything and everything! "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!"

10 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-11 17:09 ID:C4tuOm3H [Del]

Tip the fucking sugar bag back and just chug it all or alternatively snort it.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-11 17:10 ID:C4tuOm3H [Del]

Also Jesus is my nigga

12 Name: Pacman : 2017-08-15 14:13 ID:KBNG4qzR [Del]

If you're having a ghost problem, maybe I can eat them for you. Do you have any super power pills?

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Donors (1)

1 Name: Erion!!/0BUFy7t : 2017-08-14 06:55 ID:FHjSRtgf [Del]

Hi all,

Because this board is anonymous, and we respect user privacy, I will not disclose names, unless it is specifically requested.

In the name of the Kiramoji team, I would like to thank our recent, and first donor. Give yourself a huge pat on the back, you absolutely deserve it! I hope you will have years and years of fun here!

As a sign of our appreciation, I can tell you that an anonymous chat service might appear in the near future for your enjoyment.

Once again, thank you! May the KiraMoji be with you, always!

Party on!

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